Breakfast Menu


Griddled Banana Bread 3.0
Add toasted walnut butter +.50

Waterbird Muffin 4.0
Brownie 2.0
Chocolate Chip Cookie 2.0


Daily Fritatta 7.0
Served with house side salad 

Biscuits N’ Gravy 7.0
House made biscuit, Chop Shop sausage gravy
Add a biscuit +3.0

Best Morning Bowl 8.0
Greens, seasonal fruit, toasted nuts, soft boiled egg, garlic herb crouton,  house vinaigrette

Chick In The Nest 7.0
Local egg nestled in grilled City Bakery french bread
Served with house side salad

Served on City Bakery multigrain boule

The Lorax 8.0
Braised kale, caramelized onion, sweet potato spread, house bacon crumbles
Add a sunny side up egg +1.50

One Fish, Two Fish 9.0
Your choice of smoked salmon or trout, whipped dill cream cheese, capers, cucumber, red onion

Cheese Louise! 7.0
Cottage cheese, Hendersonville Gala apples, 
sweet and spicy toasted walnut

Buid Your Own

Geraldine’s Bagel 2.50
Geraldine’s Croissant 3.85
City Bakery Multigrain 2.25
GF Herbed Foccacia 3.0
Bacon              2.0
Chop Shop Sausage         2.75
Smoked Salmon or Trout            4.0
Sliced Tomato .50
Avocado 3.50
Cheddar or Pimento Cheese. 1.25
Cream Cheese 1.25
House Made Berry Jam 1.50