Breakfast Menu

Old Crow Burger

Chop Shop sausage patties, aged cheddar, pickled red onions,
fried egg, Duke’s ketchup, greens $12

Daily House Made Frittata

Please ask our team member about today’s flavor.
Served with spinach side salad

House Made Granola

Oats, cashews, pumpkin seeds, Greek yogurt,
honey, seasonal fruit

Smoked Salmon Plate

Danish rye, yogurt cheese, soft boiled egg,
pickled onions, lemon caper reduction

Daily Baked Goods

Baguette w/ Hickory Smoked Butter $5
Buxton Hall Country Style Biscuit $3.5
Coffee Cake w/ Homemade Jam $4.5
Morning Glory Muffin $4
Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bread (GF) $5
Pecan Cinnamon Bun $6
Danish Rye Toast (Rugbrod) (V) $5
Geraldine’s Bagel $2.75

Morning Toasts
Served with soft boiled egg

Whipped Ricotta, Homemade Berry Jam, Danish Rye $8
Sweet Potato Puree, Pressed Yogurt Aji Oil, Za’ atar, Danish Rye $9
Local Country Ham, Sweet Tomato And Onion Jam, Sautéed Greens, Danish Rye $10

Breakfast Sandwiches

Choose Your Bread:

Buxton Hall Country Style Biscuit $ 3.5
Geraldine’s Bagel $2.75
Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bread (GF) $5.0
Danish Rye (Rugbrod) (V) $5.0

Choose A Protein:
Egg $ 1.50
Bacon $ 2.5
Local Country Ham $ 3.0
Chop Shop Breakfast Sausage $ 2.75
Smoked Salmon $4.0

Cream Cheese $ 1.25
Hickory Smoked Butter $.75
Pimento Cheese $1.25
Cheddar Cheese $1.5
Tomato Slices $ .5o
Homemade Berry Jam $1.50